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Custom Websites spesifically designed for start-ups and micro to medium businesses

We get you!

As a micro business ourselves we understand the challenges a small biz can face.  Not enough time nor hands to get everything done. Having to wear too many hats to be able to manage every different aspect of your business.

Webnooks can assist you, by designing your online presence in an attractive, functional and easy to use website, giving you one less thing to worry about.

We build in Search Engine optimization to assist your website get found by potential customers looking for your product or service.

How we work

We appreciate that many small business are on a limited budget.  We therefore offer various degrees of customisation of your site, to suite your budget – the more customisation or features you require, the longer it takes and the more it costs.

Before you can even begin to get your website professionally created, you’re going to need to get prepared. Starting off with a good plan and knowing what you want on your site will save you considerable time and money and should make the whole process go as smoothly as possible.

We offer a basic 1 to 4-page low customisation site using the colours and style you require (usually tied into match your logo) which should be more than enough to get your new business found on the web.

Should you require more pages, features and functionality with a higher level of customization, such as a shopping cart, please contact us for a quotation.

As no one understands your business as well as you do, we would ask you to send us the written content for each page required.  We will send you a form with all requirements to make the gathering of your text, photographs and other page content easier for you and also to detail other aspects you will need to consider.

Hosting & Maintenance

Giving you peace of mind

We offer management of top notch hosting on local servers with 99.9% uptime and a proven track record in stability, security and reliability as well as daily backups and 24/7 uptime monitoring.

We can register a new domain for you or transfer your existing domain to our servers. The hosting package includes full email setup and hosting of your site.

If we design your site we will require you to host it with us, as that ensures we have full control over looking after your website to keep it maintained with the latest software and to setup your email addresses as needed.

Full website maintenance packages are optional, as if you prefer to update your site yourself then hosting only is necessary.
A maintenance package would mean that we keep the site software and plugins constantly updated, apply security checks to stop any nasty hackers and add or change existing text and images as you require over time. This would be within a set amount of hours per month, usually 2 hours, and thereafter larger updates or site expansions would be charged on a per hour basis, subject to pre-quotation.
As your business expands, so will your website.

It’s time to clarify your direction . . .

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